It’s Friday night. It’s been a very long week. Now it’s time to let off a little steam, relieve some stress and have a carefree night out on the town. But as you get ready to go out, others are getting ready to hit the clubs tonight, too. But their agenda is quite different from yours. They have no desire to hit the dance floor, no interest in the drink specials of the night and they could care less about the music the D.J. is playing. What they are solely focusing on this Friday or Saturday night is you.

These predators know exactly what they are looking for—women having a bit too much to drink, those separated from their initial group and those appearing innocent enough to fall for exaggerated compliments and attention. But you don’t let these scary scenarios ruin your evening out. All it takes to combat these nightlife predators is some smart pre-party planning, good common sense and a focused mindset that you won’t be someone’s next victim.


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