Alien Gear Holsters has added the GLOCK 43 to its lineup of hand-crafted holster shells, which are made with dense, hardened boltaron to hold up under decades of hard use. Alien Gear Holsters has molded the perfect shell to facilitate the new GLOCK 43.

Those who purchase a concealed carry holster for the thin, single-stack GLOCK 43 can choose between an IWB leather or a lightweight neoprene composite material. Alien Gear also offers an outside the waistband holster option in black or tan leather material. These holsters are suitable for both open and concealed carry.

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As the press release notes, Alien Gear makes over 400 different shells, so you don’t have to buy a different holster for each pistol that you own. Rather, one holster base can be used to facilitate multiple shells. This lets owners keep the same hand-stitched base while also interchanging the shell to suit a particular firearm. In addition, Alien Gear lets you trade in your shell as long as you still own the holster base.

The purchase of a custom-made holster from Alien Gear comes with the company’s Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee, which includes the aforementioned free shell trades, as well as a 30-day test drive and a forever warranty. If any part of your Alien Gear holster breaks for any reason, it can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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To learn more about Alien Gear Holsters’ new carry options for the GLOCK 43 starting at $29.88, please visit

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