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The following is a press release from Atlanta Arms

Atlanta Arms is proud to announce it’s new line of Target/Defense Ammunition. The first calibers to be offered will be the .40 S&W 180 GR HP and .45 ACP 230 HP. This ammunition has been thoroughly tested by industry professionals for effectiveness as a defense round as well as accuracy tested for those interested in using for target shooting.

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“In talking with our range customers, we discovered the need for a round that someone could carry, as well as train, without breaking the bank. We, as shooters, know that creates a less than ideal situation. We continuously preach to other shooters to train with your carry gun. Folks tend to train with one thing and carry another simply because the cost of defense ammunition is too high for them to be able to both. Well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to train with your carry gun but not your carry ammo, so, we developed a product that could be used for both,” said Jason Koon, CEO.

The Target/Defense Ammunition .40 S&W is available at manufacturer suggested retail price of $14.49 and .45 ACP at $14.99.

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About Atlanta Arms

Atlanta Arms, owned and operated by National and World Champion shooters, provides the finest commercially remanufactured and match grade ammunition made using high quality bullets, powder, and primers, made in the USA.

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