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(Photo by Comfort Holsters)

Comfort Holsters — an Arkansas-based manufacturer of holsters for the concealed community — has announced that they are now taking orders for the new Glock 43.

Many Glock fans have waited years for the Single Stack 9mm to be released by Glock. Thankfully, they won’t have to tack on more time to wait for a great holster to be released for the most anticipated release in Glock’s history. Every Comfort Holster offers a full Kydex shell for ultimate holster performance. Even more impressive, they attach a suede-wrapped Gel cushion to every holster. Rest easy with a Lifetime Warranty and a 6 week Buy-Back Guarantee.

The five Comfort Holsters fit for the Glock 43 are: the Bentley (MSRP $99), Bentley Elite (MSRP $140), Jaguar Flush Fit (MSRP $69), Jaguar Strong Side (MSRP $69) and Jaguar Elite (MSRP $79). You can find Comfort Holsters online at:


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