The ever-growing list of manufacturers offering fits for the Glock continues to expand. The latest to get in on the action is Comp-Tac Victory Gear, which just announced 6 holster fits, holster spare bodies and magazine pouches for the Glock 43, including the MTAC, the Infidel, the Neutral Cant, the Spartan, the Infidel Ultra, and the Flatline holsters.

In addition, Comp-Tac is also offering spare body options for the Glock 43. Meaning that if a customer already owns a Comp-Tac MTAC, Neutral Cant, Spartan or Infidel Ultra holster, they can purchase only a spare body for their brand new Glock 43. Comp-Tac also has single magazine pouches and twin magazine pouches for the Glock 43.

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About Comp-Tac Victory Gear

“In 2000 I started Comp-Tac with the intention of designing holsters of the highest quality for defensive and competition shooting,” the website reads. “I started off with the Locking Paddle and over the years have designed over 30 products with 92,000 possible variations to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Comp-Tac has grown from a one man shop to a business with dozens of employees. What started in my garage has grown into a drafting room, production line, customer service department, shipping department, and leather shop. Thanks to the great support of our customers and through their input we continue to grow and refine our product line. Whether you are competing for fun or in the fight for your life, no company offers more holsters dedicated to your victory.”

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