Cyclops REVO 1100 Lumen Hand Held Rechargeable Spotlight, Cyclops REVO 1100, REVO 1100
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Cyclops continues to light the way with the release of the REVO 1100 Lumen Hand Held Rechargeable Spotlight, just in time for camping season. This product can be operated ambidextrously and single-handedly, with the ergonomically-designed rubberized grip and trigger pulse/always ON switch. In addition, the REVO 1100 has two Hi-powered Luxeon LED lights that deliver a blinding 1100 lumens of bright white light. Meanwhile, a vented housing reduces heat output of the REVO 1100, providing longer operations.

The REVO 11 boasts an average burn time of 69 minutes and the 6v 2.5 AH SLA battery can be recharged with an AC/DC adapter, or on-the-go with the included 12-volt DC car charger. A detachable red lens allows the end user to operate at night without affecting their night vision.

MSRP $ 139.99.

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REVO 1100 Lumen Hand Held Spotlight Features

* Light Output: 1100 Lumens
* 2 Hi-Power Luxeon LED
* Vented housing to reduce heat
* Dual recharge, AC/DC adapter or 12-volt DC Car charger (both included)
* Ergonomically designed rubberized grip w/trigger pulse switch
* Always ON lock switch
* Detachable red lens included
* Burn time: 69 min
* Light Output: 1100 Lumens
* Powered by 6v 2.5 AH SLA Battery (included)

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About Cyclops

Cyclops supplies the world with brilliant developments, designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and continues to design, reinvent and rediscover the illumination process in headlamps, flashlights and spotlights to provide safety and optimal performance. Each product goes through extreme, real-life testing before making it available to you. The end result – a high-tech, engineered device that brings you optimal performance. Cyclops is a division of GSM Outdoors. Learn more about their brands at

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