The Broomhandle Mauser has been called everything from sexy to sinister, but no matter what you call it, a Mauser Broomhandle is always desirable! When Umarex decided to make a .177-caliber air pistol based on the Broomhandle, the company chose one of the most unique of all models, the 712 or Model of 1932, which features a detachable box magazine and one very desirable feature: selective fire!

Umarex has faithfully reproduced the M712 right down to the select-fire control switch on the left side of the frame, the reciprocating square bolt, the elevation-adjustable rear sight and the thumb safety. With its all-metal construction, the gun is so exact in detail and dimensions that all original Mauser accessories fit the blowback-action BB gun, including the original Mauser wooden shoulder stock holster. The standard barrel length, like the original, is 5.5 inches and the gun weighs a hefty 3.13 pounds. Priced at $149, the Umarex Model 712 one air pistol you just have to get! For more information visit

The Beretta 92 and its many variations are also among the most recognized semi-autos available, and they are in use today by military and law enforcement the world over. The latest Umarex and Gletcher models in .177 caliber are extraordinarily accurate in detail, size, weight and their blowback actions—and one other “unique” feature that harkens back to the most desirable and rarest of all Beretta 92 variants, the 93R, a pistol that offered something that is all but impossible to possess in a cartridge-firing Beretta: selective fire!

The new Umarex M92A1 and Gletcher BRT 92 Auto are hybrids of the 92 FS and ultra rare 93R produced for the Italian military and Italian law enforcement from 1979 to 1993. While not possessing the same exterior look as the 93R, the all-essential safety lever on the Umarex and Gletcher models can be lowered to the full-auto position. The original 93R actually operated in semi-auto or in three-round bursts.

The air pistols use a full-size magazine that carries both BBs and the CO2 capsule, so reloading is just like the real thing. The Umarex and Gletcher models sell for around $150.

One of the most exciting of all current select-fire air pistols is the Umarex Steel Storm, a mix of Uzi and MAC-10, creating a stylish model with some unique features of its own. The Steel Storm is aptly named, as it can produce a hail of lead with the touch of a switch. The Steel Storm is a little larger than a MAC-10 or Uzi, but it holds 300 BBs and is powered by two 12-gram CO2 capsules to push .177-caliber BBs downrange at 433 feet per second.

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