Galco Side Snap Scabbard, side snap scabbard, galco gunleather
(Photo by Galco)

Galco’s Side Snap Scabbard is a handsome outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster crafted from premium saddle leather and finished in a glossy black dye. Always forward thinking, Galco has incorporated snap-on belt loops so that the holster can be donned quickly while dressing, or removed just as easily. The rig is canted to aid in comfort for the wearer and to facilitate concealability. This configuration tucks the grip of the pistol against the body, instead of protruding from the back of the hip and potentially printing under clothing. Using only tension to secure the pistol, precision boning and rigid leather fits and holds the contour of the gun quite efficiently. The SSS fits belts up to 1½ inches.

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