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(Photo by FOX31 Denver)

A Colorado homeowner shot and killed an intruder inside his house Monday night.

According to 7NEWS Denver, the incident occurred at 8:40 p.m. at 98 Pima Court near Highway 36 and Foothills Parkway in Boulder.

“A male broke through the front glass door and was confronted by a person in the home,” Boulder Police Cmdr. Tom Trujillo said. “The male was shot and died at the scene.”

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There were at least two people inside the residence when the shooting took place. Both are said to be cooperating with police. A man was seen being escorted away from the house with paper bags over his hands in order to preserve gunshot residue evidence.

“Probably the most known person here,” neighbor David Brower told FOX31 Denver of the homeowner. “He’s been here, he was very helpful cleaning up after the floods, does a lot of work for the HOA, contractor. So it’s very surprising. Shocking.”

As 7NEWS points out, Colorado has a “Make My Day” law which allows a homeowner to shoot a home invader if they feel their life is in danger, but a decision on if that law applies in this case will be made by the district attorney.

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