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So you bought that scope you’ve always wanted, it’s a beautiful sunny day out and you’re off to the range. You sight in on your target but the sun is right at a 90° angle to your face. The light is reflecting off of the ocular lens making it almost impossible to see your crosshairs. Luckily, you have your trusty eyeshade in your range bag. It attaches to your scope quicker than removing the scope caps. Not only is the sun no longer an issue, you also enjoy the speed with which you can bring rifle and scope to bear since finding the correct eye relief is a job that has been handled for you. If this story sounds familiar, we congratulate you on your purchase of our ES403 eyeshade. If not, perhaps now would be a good time to look into it…literally.

The Leapers/UTG SCP-ES403 Eyeshade is thoughtfully designed based on the real life applications. The rubber ergonomic eye cup is flexible while fully blocking out sunlight, and effectively provides protection against scope bite. Distractions caused by peripheral movement are effectively removed making the infamous brass flinch a thing of the past. A total of 3 inserts in varying thicknesses allow the eyeshade to fit scopes with an eyepiece diameter of 36mm, 40mm, 41.5mm or 43 mm. The eyeshade is designed around a 3 inch eye relief with the ability to compress within a half inch distance from the rear ocular lens of the scope.

An additional new optical enhancement product from Leapers/UTG is the RG-MF30QS, a modern flip-to-side ring mount designed for use with magnifiers with a 30mm diameter. The mount’s 40mm center height ensures compatibility with many of the popular magnifiers currently available on the market. The mount itself uses UTG’s patented QD lever lock system designed to fit on any Picatinny rail surface. Adding to its already outstanding practicality, the ring mount comes with 2 inserts; a 27mm and a 25.4mm that can be used to install different diameter magnifiers, flashlights, and other devices that may benefit from the flip-to-side function. It goes without saying that the hard coat anodized aluminum construction of this mount is built for reliable and repeatable performance.

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SCP-ES403: $14.97
RG-MF30QS: $27.97

Visit our company website,, or drop us a line at 734-542-1500, for up-to-date product information and release dates on our continually expanding product lines, ranging from our Michigan born UTG PRO Made in USA rail systems and mounts, extensive line of flashlights and lasers, parts and accessories, to our popular gun cases and other soft goods, soon to include our female True Huntress lineup.

About Leapers, Inc.

Leapers, Inc., headquartered in Michigan, U.S.A., has been in the business of supplying shooting, hunting and outdoor gear since 1992. We set un-compromised high standards for all of our business operations. Our goal is to provide a total solution for any line of products we offer and we aim to offer the most complete selection of accessories for your one-stop shopping experience. In 2009, we made an important decision and started our Made-In-the-USA Manufacturing Operation. Following our vision with persistence, we created the UTG PRO line of products starting from innovative rails and stocks with plans to make scopes and lights. We use local vendors for a variety of services and bring jobs back to Michigan. In the past 2 decades, Leapers UTG has enjoyed tremendous loyal customer support. We are committed to giving back to customers our most innovative, best quality products with the most caring service.

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