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Connecticut-based manufacturer Mec-Gar is introducing its new 1911 9mm 10rd magazine. This is a new improved design version of the classic 1911 9mm magazine. Mec-Gar’s version has increased the capacity to 10-rounds over the standard 9-rounds and features Anti-Friction Coating. In addition, the reducer has been moved from the rear of the magazine to the front, resulting in extra feeding lip length to improve feeding of the ammunition. Finally, the magazine features a removable high impact plastic baseplate versus the traditional welded baseplate. This product is available at a MSRP of $30.60.

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* Caliber 9 mm
* Capacity 10 High Cap
* Carbon Steel Tube, heat-treated for strength
* Higher tensile music wire spring
* Steel follower
* Welded butt-plate

About Mec-Gar

MEC-GAR is a privately held family-run business that was founded by Mr. Edoardo Racheli in 1965 whose sole focus is the manufacture of firearm magazines. Family pride, hard work and dedication along with modern equipment and proprietary manufacturing techniques are incorporated into the formula that has made the great success story of MEC-GAR today. Our state-of-the-art stamping facility and tool shop, unlike many other manufacturers, are 100% dedicated to the manufacturing of firearm magazines.

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For more information about the new 1911 9mm 10rd magazine, and the full range of products currently offered at Mec-Gar, please visit

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