Washington-based Kevin’s Concealment Holsters has released a new full-concealment wallet holster for carrying at work or campus where legal. This unique, patent-pending design uses a plastic retaining insert to hold the pistol in place when the leather cover is closed. The right-hand model fits in your left back pocket like a second wallet, so your right pocket can still hold your regular wallet.

To draw the pistol, simply take the holster from your back pocket using your left hand, open the cover, and flip the pistol out into your right hand.

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While not as fast as wallet holsters you can directly draw from, the Kevin’s Concealment wallet holster is a specialty purpose holster made for carrying in places where concealment is of the utmost importance. Other holsters leave the butt exposed where anyone who sees into your pocket can see it.

Should something bad happen at work, campus or anywhere else, it’s always better to have something instead of nothing. Simply put, this holster helps make that a reality.

The Kevin’s Concealment wallet holster is available for: Colt Mustang/Sig P238, S&W Guardian, Ruger LCP & LC9, KelTec P3AT, Diamondback .380, Kahr P380, NAA Guardian 380, Bond Arms Backup/Texas Defender, Taurus TCP, Glock 42 and Sig P290.

MSRP is $39.00.

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