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Oakwood Controls‘ weatherproof portable H-Bar Electronic Target System is designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike that need instant feedback on long-range shooting in a portable package.

Part of Oakwood’s “open air” target family, the H-Bar scores live fires hits and misses in a large detection window. This lets shooters to use the target system at long distances without having perfect ballistic data. It also eliminates the concerns associated with missing or damaging a traditional “box target.”

According to the press release, the H-Bar electronic target system uses a standard laptop, located at the firing line, and shows precise locations of hits and misses in addition to group size and center of the group location. Both shot and group information can be displayed in inches, centimeters, MOA and MIL. Notes can be saved for each shot group and sessions can be stored and later retrieved for further review and analysis.

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Here’s what Frank Galli of Sniper’s Hide had to say: “With the H-bar system you get an X, Y, Rate of Fire and Scoring of each series shot. It puts all the details at your fingertips. Instead of a spotter, this electronic target system gives you all the details. It’s easy to set up and can be placed anywhere you like, any supersonic distance works.

“Regardless if this for personal use, as part of a training facility, or for military and law enforcement applications, this system will enhance your shooting by giving you better records from which to grow on. You can score and save your series which is great for competitions, and you don’t need someone downrange pulling targets; get instant feedback and for Match Directors, this system has been used in a variety of tactical matches giving the shooters another problem to solve. (No sighters, no feedback, just seeing who can hold hard on the target.) Watching the competitors huddled around the scorekeeper seeing who shot the smallest group at distance via the computer is just an awesome stage experience.

“This system has been used in the field for better than a year, it was shot by a competitor and is still going strong. The end user can replace the parts. Most are simple BNC and CAT5 cables. As well, Oakwood support has been top notch. It’s beyond easy to use.”

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For more information on the H-bar Electronic Target System visit http://www.oakwoodcontrols.com

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