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Four gun bills were brought before a committee in the Ohio House of Representatives Wednesday, three of which would expand gun owners’ rights.

According to Cleveland.com, the State Government Committee heard testimony on House Bill 35. If enacted, it would be a first-degree felony for LEOs and other officials to enforce new gun bans or firearm registration requirements. Local governments would also be barred from creating a firearm registry.

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The second bill is House Bill 48, which would allow citizens to carry concealed inside churches, day-care centers, state buildings and airports, excluding security checkpoints. In addition, concealed carry permit holders would be able to carry in school safety zones if the gun is left in the car. The bill also gives universities and colleges the option of allowing concealed carry handguns on campus.

The third bill, House Bill 152, would allow Ohioans aged 21 and older to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, provided they are not legally prohibited from doing so.

As Cleveland.com reports, all three of the aforementioned bills are sponsored by Republican lawmakers. The Republicans currently have a majority in the Ohio House and Senate, but previous attempts to pass new pro-gun laws have been met with resistance.

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House Bill 20, the fourth bill brought before the State Government Committee, would require parents with concealed guns to keep them in their locked cars when picking up or dropping off children at school.

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