Exercising your right to carry concealed is a big decision with many important factors to consider. For women, there’s the practical issue of how to carry concealed at all. As pro shooter Kippi Leatham writes in a blog post for Springfield Armory, “it’s difficult to always carry on body. Small frames, narrow waistlines and snug-fitting clothing aren’t conducive to the concealment of even the most compact of pistols.” Therefore, she writes, carrying in a purse is your best bet.

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Purse carry means you must be vigilant when it comes to the location of your bag.

“I always try to buy purses that have a strap long enough to carry across my body,” Leatham writes. “When sitting at a restaurant or other location, my purse is in my lap, wrapped at my feet or strapped across a chair in a secure manner. I cannot ever let my guard down.”

Another crucial thing to consider when it comes to purse carry is the gun you want to take with you. To that end, Leatham uses the Springfield Armory XD(M) 3.8 in .45 caliber because of its grip and trigger safeties, its compact frame and overall length, and the 3 interchangeable backstraps and 13 round X-Tension magazine.

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