New York-based SecureIt Tactical is introducing the new Guard 6 Conversion Kit for civilians. Using this kit, one can convert a traditional safe, cabinet or secured area to store 6 modern sporting rifles or classic long guns. It is comprised of three modular grids, three interlocking stock base units and a straight saddle. MSRP is $109.99. See below for additional details, including a video.

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The backbone of SecureIt’s “Expandable Formation”. The grids are modular by design to connect both horizontally and vertically to support saddles and storage accessories.
• Specifications:
– 10” H x 6” W each; polymer; flat black
– two louvers wide by six louvers high
• Features and benefits:
– saddles and accessories easily adjust on grids
– three grids connected horizontally will support a straight shelf

Interlocking base unit supports the butt stock of any two modern sporting rifles including TAVORs and pistol type firearms within a tiered channel
• Specifications:
• 10” D x 6” W; polymer; flat black
• Features: supports any size butt stock; tiered channel creates lean angle for proper firearm storage; Spade grip indents specific for crew-served weapons

Saddle adjusts vertically on three grids. Unique shape properly supports any six long guns at the same height of their barrel rail or magwell.
• Specifications:
• 4.75” W x 17.5” L; polymer; flat black

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