SportEAR is taking hearing protection to the next level with their new Custom Edge product line, which features 100% Lynx Digital circuitry and the world’s first waterproof in-ear sport hearing devices.

According to the press release, with proprietary 100% Lynx Digital Signal Processing (DSP), the Custom Edge line of in-ear and behind ear devices offer 100% digital sound recreation for optimum sound clarity, processing over a million sounds per second. Using the most advanced technology, SportEAR enables shooters to enhance speech and desirable sounds while suppressing muzzle blast and other loud noises. The SportEAR AutoBlocker Digital Compression handles rapid shots, ensuring full protection regardless of your sport. In addition, the 100% Lynx Digital circuitry also gets rid of distracting background noise, as well as the “whistle” common in electronic hearing protection.

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SportEAR provides 360 Degree Hearing Performance™ through its entire product line, offering unparalleled hearing enhancement & protection simultaneously. To help further educate users about true 360 Hearing Performance™, SportEAR has launched a new, multi-media website at For a limited time, visitors will receive 10% off of their purchase when using the coupon code newse10.

About SportEAR

The leading authority in Hearing Performance™, SportEAR is an American-owned, family business heritage with over 50 years of design, manufacturing and retailing experience in the market. With its core background in hearing aid manufacturing, SportEAR is focused on and uniquely capable of delivering the highest quality and most advanced products to today’s outdoorsman and shooter. To ensure they deliver the highest quality products, SportEAR is the only Hearing Performance™ company to design and manufacture its entire line from start to finish.

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To learn more about SportEAR and their innovative hearing performance products, please visit

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