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A good guy with a gun stopped an armed robbery in progress at a smoke shop in northwest Houston Wednesday morning.

According to KHOU, the incident occurred at around 2:15 a.m. at the Houston 420 Smoke Shop located in the 12300 block of Hempstead Highway. The male suspect entered the store armed with a gun and tried to rob the employees.

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Fortunately, one of the clerks had a gun with him behind the counter. When he saw the suspect entering the store, he grabbed the gun and opened fire.

The suspect quickly fled the store, but the employee followed him out the door.

As KHOU reports, the suspect got into a small SUV and sped away as the clerk fired more shots. It is believed he hit the suspect’s vehicle.

Houston police don’t believe anybody at the store or the suspect himself were injured during the shooting, but theyre still checking area hospitals to see if the suspect turns up.

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KHOU said the Houston 420 Smoke Shop has been the site of multiple robberies this year, which is why the clerk was armed.

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