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The following is a press release from the NRA-ILA

Your NRA-ILA is glad to report that multiple pro-gun bills have recently become law. The following pro-gun measures passed the Tennessee legislature and have been signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam (R):

House Bill 745, sponsored by state Representative Holsclaw (R-4) and state Senator Niceley (R-8), creates a lifetime handgun carry permit. This law sets the application fee for a lifetime handgun carry permit at $500. This law will go into effect on July 1, 2015.

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Senate Bill 633, sponsored by state Senator Bailey (R-15) and state Representative Van Huss (R-6), prohibits schools from requiring students or parents to provide information on firearm ownership, prohibits local education agencies from requiring employees to provide information on firearm ownership, and prohibits adverse disciplinary or employment action based on information of firearm ownership that is voluntarily provided. This law goes into effect immediately.

House Bill 1255, sponsored by state Representative Sargent (R-61) and state Senator Johnson (R-23), requires the chief law enforcement officer of a jurisdiction to certify the transfer or making of a firearm, as required by the National Firearms Act, within 15 days if the applicant is not prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm by law. This law also permits an applicant to appeal a denial to the circuit court. This law goes into effect immediately.

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Thank you to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters who contacted their elected officials in support of these important laws. Your support helped make the 2015 legislative session a successful one.

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