TriggerTech AR-15 Frictionless Trigger sign up

TriggerTech — a manufacturer of firearm and crossbow trigger systems based out of Ontario, Canada — has announced early sign-up details for their brand new AR-15 Frictionless Trigger. To sign up for the pre-order, visit

According to the press release, TriggerTech’s trigger system uses a patent pending free-floating roller that sits between the trigger and the hammer, eliminating sliding friction completely. The new AR trigger comes with Frictionless Release Technology (FRT) which utilizes rolling resistance, thereby eliminating creep and heavy pull weights. This increases accuracy and feel for the end user.

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The core components of the AR-15 Frictionless Trigger are made of high-grade 440C martensitic stainless tool steel and hardened to 60 Rockwell C. Meanwhile, the housings are CNC’d with aviation-grade aluminum and anodized. The rest of the trigger components are made from high-end metals that help to guarantee consistent performance.

MSRP for the AR-15 Frictionless Trigger will be below $160.00.


* Enhanced reset control capabilities
* Optimal hammer spring and geometry for the highest possible performance
* Increased accuracy and overall user feel
* Adjustable trigger pull

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To pre-order the AR-15 Frictionless Trigger, visit

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