Well Armed Women Firearms Club
(Photo by Samantha Radecki / www.9and10news.com)

Firearms and women are becoming a becoming a more powerful combo with each passing day.

Firearms clubs for women are popping up all over the country, just like the newly formed Well Armed Women based out of Grand Traverse County in Michigan.

According to 9&10 News in Michigan:

[Well Armed Women] is trying to give women who may be intimidated by gun ownership a chance to get involved.

… In addition to safety, Kari says they encourage comradery, sport and knowledge of firearms

“It’s not a sense of control or power. Essentially, it’s more that it’s about the gun itself. It’s a piece of machinery. It’s not that it’s gonna hurt anybody else. It’s the person behind it that needs to have the knowledge base with it,” chapter leader Kari Massa told 9&10 News.

For a video on Well Armed Women, please visit 9and10news.com.

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