While precautionary tips are good, when someone gets physical, you need options to defend yourself against an attack. Here are some ways to help keep yourself safe in a dangerous situation.

Stay Armed 24/7

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A knife, stun gun, pepper spray canister or an extendable baton can aid you if things get out of hand with a stranger. Make sure you know how to properly carry and operate your weapon long before you decide to use it for self-defense purposes. Lack of training can cause more problems than good, the worst being that your own weapon could be used against you by your attacker.

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Personal Alarm

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For those who are afraid to carry weapons of any kind, a personal alarm may be for you. Situate the base of the alarm in your purse and wrap the release cord around your hand or wrist. If someone grabs your purse, they will pull out the signal cord and take with them the alarm as it lets loose a piercing, high-decibel sound. The thief should be frightened enough by the shrieking sound to drop the purse. Also, anytime something or someone may not feel right to you, simply pull the release cord to attract attention to your immediate area.

Takedown Skills

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Learn to overcome larger attackers, defend against weapons and evade multiple assailants at a self-defense gym or martial arts dojo. As you practice steadily, your reflexes, awareness and instincts will all be sharpened to help you avoid potential dangerous situations. However, if you are attacked when out on the town, you will definitely have a significant advantage over those without any offensive skills, and you might even take your bigger adversary down hard for the count.

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