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A 70-year-old homeowner in Kingsport, Tennessee shot an intruder attempting to break into his home Sunday morning.

According to the Kingsport Times-News, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office received a report around 2:00 a.m. of a burglary and shots fired at a home located on Happy Hill Road.

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Police arrived and discovered the homeowner uninjured.

As the homeowner described it, the incident began when he was awakened by somebody shining a light into his bedroom window. He looked and saw a man standing outside. The suspect then broke the bedroom window and began climbing inside.

At that point, the homeowner told police he grabbed a gun and opened fire on the suspect. The man fell from the window, ran into a dark vehicle and sped off.

The Kingsport Times-News says police were still on the scene when they got word that a man — identified as 44-year-old Jason Scott McClellan — had arrived at Holston Valley Medical Center with gunshot wounds. He is expected to recover.

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Police are still investigating, but it appears that the homeowner won’t be charged in the shooting. Charges are pending against McClellan.

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