Utilizing a state-of-the-art distillation process, Breakthrough has produced the most user-friendly and eco-friendly solvents and lubricants available. They are non-carcinogenic and are also easy on your fine firearms. Breakthrough’s Military-Grade Solvent removes all fouling and residue from brass, copper, dirt, grease, lead, etc., and at the same time does not have the odor associated with some other similar products. It’s also PH neutral, which means it won’t hurt rifle stocks or wood grips.

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Breakthrough’s Battle Born high-purity oil is a fine-quality synthetic that’s treated with corrosion inhibitors as well as anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-wear additives. This combination makes it one of the most effective multi-service lubricants and protectants. This lubricant reduces friction and wear, enhances firearm performance, and is non-flammable and nearly odorless. Breakthrough’s Battle Born Grease is also a synthetic, fortified with sub-micron-sized PTFE, pure base oils, additives and shear stable thickeners. It radically reduces the duration of cleaning, and friction and wear, while providing the maximum in long-lasting lubrication.

I used all three of these Breakthrough products to clean a very dirty pistol that I’d used quite a bit. The Breakthrough products had the gun shiny and fouling-free in minutes. I then applied the Battle Born oil sparingly to the moving parts and greased the slide rails. Now it was ready to resume its role as my primary concealed carry handgun. (888-455-5499;

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