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(Photo by Comp-Tac Victory Gear)

The following is a press release from Comp-Tac Victory Gear

Comp-Tac Victory Gear, a leader in developing everyday carry holsters, has redesigned the mounting clip for its popular Two O’clock Holster.

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For years the Two O’clock holster has been a popular choice for concealed carry users. The appendix carry position is an excellent way to carry a firearm comfortably and within easy reach.

The redesigned Two O’Clock clip is made of a more durable Nylon/Polymer material. This is the same material that Comp-Tac makes its other mounting clips out of. The Nylon/Polymer provides unmatched strength, flexibility and is gentle on belts and clothing eliminating scratching and tearing.

The new clip also offers additional holes for ride depth adjustment and a new cant making the holster even more comfortable and improving draw angle and speed.

“Appendix carry is an extremely popular carry method especially in the women’s market. While the Two O’clock holster body has always served our customers well Comp-Tac has been able to improve the product with the addition of this new clip. Now, the Two O’clock holster can truly stand up to every day carry,” explained Gregg Garrett Comp-Tac’s owner and president.

The Two O’clock Holster with the improved clip is currently only available in right hand holsters; the left hand clip will be available soon. The MSRP of the Holster is $64.99 and the clip with hardware sells individually for $12.99.

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