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Gletcher®, a company that specializes in the production and design of pneumatic replica firearms, proudly introduces the TT to their extensive line of pneumatic airguns. Earning the trust of comrades during WWII, the original grew in popularity because of its power and reliability. The same can be said about this new Gletcher model.

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Replicated from one of the most famous Soviet World War II era handguns, the Gletcher TT will be sure to leave long-lasting impressions. This CO2 pistol was designed for simplicity, power, and precision, just like the original. A metal body, powerful blowback system, sliding safety and functional hammer add to the realistic feeling and provides users with an unforgettable experience. The TT is fitted with a smooth trigger pull and accurately shoots eighteen .177 caliber BB’s with an average velocity of 361 fps. The TT is power by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge that is conveniently concealed within the pistol grip. The rubber grips provide a firm clutch with -or without- gloves in numerous climates. Adding to the realism, the TT weighs just under a pound and a half and comfortably fits in several aftermarket holsters.

* Magazine Capacity: 18
* Weight: 1.37 lbs.
* Length: 7″ 5/8
* Average Velocity: 361 fps
* Projectile: .177 Caliber Steel Shot BBs
* Warranty: 18 months
* MSRP: $99.99

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