The Glock 42, released in 2014, is a major departure from previous “baby Glocks,” such as the Glock 27. The G42 is truly a compact pistol with concealment as its calling card. Chambered in .380 ACP and holding a six-round, single-stack magazine, the G42 is slender to say the least. After getting some quality range time with the G42, I immediately saw it as an answer to a long-standing problem—size. This G42 is extremely manageable, reliable and accurate.

G-Fan Familiar

The single most profound strength that the G42 brings to the table is familiarity. For all intents and purposes, Glock has made a miniature version of the most widely issued law enforcement sidearm in the world, the Glock 22. Function and manipulation of the G42 is the same as most officers’ standard pistol. More importantly, the trigger of the Glock 42 has the same feel and function as its big brother.

Digging Deeper

Everyone familiar with the compact pistol market is aware that its greatest challenge has been the trigger. Heavy triggers with excessively long resets have made them questionable as an effective backup. But that’s not the case with the Glock 42. With a trigger weight of approximately 5 pounds and a standard Glock reset, it is simply one of the best on the market. It has the same feel as triggers in full-sized Glocks, which helps shooters deliver very accurate shots.

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Another advantage is the G42’s lack of “snap.” While tough to quantify, the G42 is very easy to shoot and does not have the trademark snap experienced with so many other micro blasters. An interesting point to make is that the G42 is not listed as a Gen4 pistol, and it does not come with interchangeable backstraps. The back of the grip does, however, run all the way down to the back of the magazine well, which protects the mag and allows it to fall free. It has texturing similar to the Gen4 guns, but not quite as aggressive.

Duty Ready Glock 42

Glock has obviously listened to its law enforcement patrons. I believe the Glock 42 will serve the U.S. law enforcement and self-defense communities well.

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* Caliber: .380 ACP
* Barrel: 3.25 inches
* OA Length: 5.94 inches
* Weight: 13.76 ounces (empty)
* Grips: Polymer
* Sights: Fixed
* Action: Safe Action
* Finish: Black, surface-hardened
* Capacity: 6+1
* MSRP: $400

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