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(Photo by Springfield Armory)

To make its proven XD(M) design even more versatile in the field, Springfield Armory recently introduced a new XD(M) model that is equipped with a 1/2×28 TPI threaded barrel for use with a suppressor. Introduced in 2007, the XD(M) series features improved ergonomics through interchangeable backstraps, aggressive texturing and improved slide serrations. These improvements, along with a grip angle that is the same as a 1911 pistol, have made the XDM series a running success with shooters.

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For testing, I received an XD(M) Threaded Barrel in 9mm that also featured Springfield’s new Flat Dark Earth-colored frame. The 4.5-inch model features a full-sized XD(M) frame that will accept a 19-round magazine. The forged slide is finished in Melonite and has distinctive cocking serrations on the front and rear.

At 8.25 inches in length and 6 inches in height, the XD(M) Threaded Barrel fits even the largest hands while having a diameter that accommodates smaller hands as well. The new suppressor-ready pistol is equipped with high-profile, three-dot, fixed sights that will look over even the largest 9mm suppressor. As with other XD(M) pistols, the new model comes in a durable hard case that includes a holster, a double magazine pouch, a magazine loader and three magazines.

On the range, the XD(M) Threaded Barrel ran flawlessly with a variety of loads. Using the Ti-Rant 9S from Advanced Armament Corporation and HPR ammo, this XD(M) was a blast to shoot. With a length of 5.07 inches, the Ti-RANT 9S is a compromise between sound suppression and size. To optimize performance, AAC recommends introducing 5cc of water into the blast baffle. This will improve sound suppression by an estimated 30 percent and will remain effective for 20 or more rounds.

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