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The following is a press release from Hiperfire

Hiperfire and Tarheel 3-Gun announces the immediate availability of the Hipertouch Tarheel 24 (TH24) AR trigger system. Tarheel 3-Gun invited Hiperfire’s match sponsorship early in 2013. Since then, shooters from around the country have won Hiperfire’s triggers off the prize tables and compared shooting notes that has established Hiperfire’s good reputation not only for trigger design in- novation, but most importantly performance and reliability. Hiperfire is very appreciative of Tarheel 3-Gun’s role in cementing Hipertouch triggers’ place in high performance shooting.

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So, Hiperfire and Tarheel 3-Gun have now taken the next step to jointly promote a new signature trigger and further promote the shooting sports in gen- eral, because as we all know, shooting the best equipment is not just for 3-gun. Hiperfire didn’t think it could improve on the 24 Competition product offering, but it has. Your trigger finger will feel the difference between the 24C and the TH24 as a definite step up. It sports a Hipershoe finger rest with Tarheel colors and a Nickel based enhanced plating exclusive to the TH24 making the pull even smoother and more responsive with an MSRP of $275. Hiperfire has wholesale and OEM purchase programs.

High Performance Firearms LLC (d.b.a. Hiperfire®) is a Minnesota limited liability company located in the Minnesota Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area organized in 2011 to design, manufacture, and sell novel products into the MSR marketplace that satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational and professional shooter.

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