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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is set to destroy over 1 million handgun registrations on file after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) signed a bill into law effectively doing away with the decades-old “blue card” system in Clark County.

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A police spokesman told that the records have to be destroyed one year the law goes into effect.

“We still have paper, digital, and microfiche registrations,” Officer Jesse Roybal said. “We will physically make sure the paper and microfiche are shredded and the digital registrations are deleted.”

Originally implemented in 1948, the blue card system requires all handguns with a barrel less than 12 inches to be registered within 72 hours of purchase by a resident. Opponents of the system say it is obsolete in Nevada today due to current background checks.

“I will keep them as memorabilia, but I’m very delighted that the blue card is gone,” area gun owner and blue card holder Norman Vice told “It was just one more thing we had to carry with the weapon. Technology has gotten rid of that, so we don’t have to bother with more paperwork in our pocket.”

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