Some of the smallest commercially available revolvers in the world are rimfires (we’re looking at you, North American Arms), and some of the best handguns for training young shooters and those with small body frames are compact models built around rimfire calibers. There’s a lot of excitement in the world of compact handguns, so we cast a wide net to bring you some of the most interesting, useful and technologically fascinating models.

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Browning has a compact 1911 that’s fascinating, especially alongside the impressive GSG and Chiappa offerings. You can find Commander-sized 1911 rimfires, and some that are even smaller. We found some classic compact revolvers from Ruger, semi-autos from Taurus and Smith & Wesson, and impressive performers from Sig Sauer and Walther.

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Whether you’re intending your new compact rimfire handgun for defense, practical training, target shooting or just plain fun, there’s a lot to love about this class of handgun!


American Tactical GSG 922

Browning 1911-22 A1

Browning 1911-22 A1 Olive Drab Compact

Chiappa 1911-22 Compact

Kimber Rimfire Compact Conversion Kit

North American Arms .22 Magnum

North American Arms LLR with Holster Grips

Ruger 22/45 Lite

Ruger New Bearcat

Ruger LCR

Ruger SR22

Sig Sauer P938

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact

Smith & Wesson Model 351PD

Taurus 941B2

Taurus Model 22

Walther P22

Walther PPQ 22

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