From the hands of a national competitor to the drop-leg holster of a SWAT officer effecting a hostage rescue, Rock River Arms (RRA) builds 1911 pistols that get the job done. Accurate and reliable, these handguns put impressive .45-caliber firepower into the hands of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Known also for its AR rifles, RRA got its start in 1996 by building custom 1911 pistols. That tradition of excellence continues today with the company’s current crop of Browning-inspired handguns. The DEA, FBI and other law enforcement officers have carried RRA guns into harm’s way. Additionally, these guns have been used by a large number of competition shooters and homeowners looking for the best 1911.

The current RRA catalog lists 1911 pistols using modern materials, time-proven techniques and finishing that would make any craftsman proud. Rock River Arms also offers customizations such as special Cerakote finish options. For the hobbyist and professional gunsmith, the company also offers a wide range of parts, including match-grade pieces to enhance the reliability and accuracy of your own 1911 handgun.

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