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A 70-year-old homeowner shot an intruder at his western Washington residence Sunday afternoon.

According to KIRO TV, police said a man in his 50s entered the home located in Carnation in the 9400 block of Carnation-Duvall Road NE and began physically assaulting the homeowner’s 65-year-old roommate.

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That’s when the homeowner says he grabbed his 9mm handgun and fired five shots at the suspect, causing him to flee the home. It wasn’t immediately known if the suspect had been hit by any of the gunfire.

Roughly 15 minutes after police arrived, a man dialed 911 from a street in nearby Fall City to report being shot, KIRO TV noted. Investigators determined that this was the same man who had committed the earlier home invasion in Carnation.

The suspect was transported to Harborview Medical Center to be treated for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to the shoulder and upper torso. As Q13 FOX reports, he was eventually released from the hospital and booked into King County Jail on assault charges.

When police investigated, they discovered the homeowner and suspect knew each other, as the suspect had previously lived at the home on Carnation-Duvall Road NE, Q13 FOX said. The homeowner claims this isn’t the first time the man has caused a disturbance or been physically violent towards others in the house.

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“He said there was a dispute about some property,” King County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jason Houck told KIRO TV.

The homeowner has not been charged in connection with the shooting.

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