The following is a press release from Applied Ballistics Munitions

Applied Ballistics Munitions (ABM Ammo) has announced a brand new cartridge addition to their Ammunition lines, the 260 Remington. ABM Ammo is listening to their customers and has added this line due to its popularity in precision rifle and tactical shooting. Upon initial release, ABM is offering two rounds available in this cartridge.

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The Match Ready™ 260 Remington 140gr Berger Match Hybrid Target load combines class-leading ballistic coefficients with match grade accuracy. Using the highest BC 6.5 mm caliber bullet offered by Berger, this load features less wind deflection and more energy on target than the competition. This round is unrivaled as a long range 260 Remington factory ammo option.

The Mission Ready™ 260 Remington 130gr Berger Match AR Hybrid OTM Tactical load packs maximum performance into a round that is optimized for the AR-10 platform or any magazine fed rifle. The 130gr AR Hybrid was designed to squeeze every last bit of BC into a compact package. Combined with the smooth feeding 260 Remington, this round strikes a perfect balance between cartridge overall length and ballistic performance. ABM offers this round as an example of what is possible out of a modern weapon system.

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Berger Bullets, a long time precision oriented bullet manufacturer, launched Applied Ballistics Munitions in early August 2014. ABM Ammo specializes in making the highest quality rifle ammunition. ABM Ammo has combined the capabilities of Berger Bullets, Bryan Litz and decades of precision ammunition loading experience with the top components used by handloaders to get consistent performance from shot to shot and more importantly from lot to lot.

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