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The following is a press release from GERO

GERO, a firearm specialist company in Federal Heights, CO, has recently announced the launch of their newest product: The GERO Gun Magnet. It can be used virtually anywhere and features quick-draw response time that allows gun owners to draw their weapon quickly in emergency situations.

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Isaac Salguero, owner of GERO says, “We designed the gun magnet to be more than just a car gun holster. You can install it anywhere: in the car, in a desk, under the bed, on the nightstand, etc. The quick-draw fast response is the real benefit. It can save someone’s life in an emergency because it allows you to draw your weapon faster than you could ever do so if it was in a traditional holster.”

“This makes intruders the ones on the receiving end of danger,” says Thomas L. a gun owner in Texas. “GERO gun magnet owners are the ones in charge now.”

The new gun mounting magnet is a tactical firearm mounting magnet that conceals a pistol in a place that is easily accessible for the gun owner but not viewable to potential intruders. It is backed with a 1 year warranty from GERO and will hold a gun up to 25 pounds in weight. The company recommends using two magnets to hold longer firearms such as rifles or shotguns.

The magnet is easy to install, requiring only a couple of screws and mounting tape. It can be installed in minutes, and features a steel base and plastic coated surface so the finish of the firearm will never be scratched.

The main feature is the quick-draw release that allows gun owners to rapidly remove their firearm when it is mounted in a concealed location, saving precious seconds that could mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

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“We just want everyone to be safe,” states Salguero. “Our gun magnet gives citizens back the upper hand.” Thomas states, “I couldn’t be happier. I feel much safer, and the cost is super low.”

Consumers can learn more by visiting the company on Amazon where the new GERO gun magnet is currently for sale.

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