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The following is a press release from Sig Sauer

SIG SAUER, Inc., congratulates Team SIG Captain Max Michel on capturing his third Pro-Am Championship in the past four years.

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This match, which features a unique par-time course of fire, requires a mix of speed, accuracy and calm under pressure. The match score is based on the number of steel targets competitors knock down in the par-time on each stage. Anything that falls after the set amount of time ends, does not count.

After a slow start on the first three stages, Michel had to step up and close a seven-plate gap. On stage four, Michel made his presence known by cleaning all 35 targets, jumping up into a tie with the leader. A win on stage five gave Michel the lead and he never looked back.

“This year’s match was really challenging mentally. It’s easy to push too hard when you’re trying to make up lost ground, but I kept to my plan and delivered the shots when needed,” Michel said. “The Pro-Am is a fun match and one of my favorites to shoot every year. The blend of speed, accuracy and par-time scoring is unlike any other match, and it’s a great test of my skills and my SIG SAUER® gear.”

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