A crowdfunding campaign for the innovative new Gadget Striker Control Device from is off to a great start, having already surpassed their initial goal of $40,000 after launching on July 10.

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According to the Indiegogo page, the Gadget replaces the slide plate on the back of your Glock with an all-steel, passive Striker Control Device. If thumb pressure is applied to the back of the gadget, the motion of the striker is blocked, which prevents the trigger bar from moving, which in turn prevents the trigger from being pulled.

Created and patented by Tom Jones & Todd Green and set to be produced and sold through Tau Development Group, the Gadget was inspired by the practice of applying pressure on the hammer of a hammer-fired handgun when holstering to prevent the gun from firing. This new product simply provides the same capability for the striker-fired Glock.

Best of all, the Gadget is passive in nature, meaning it doesn’t interfere with the action of the gun unless pressure is being actively applied by the end user. Your Glock will continue to fire and function as normal when using any standard firing grip.

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To contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for the Gadget Striker Control Device, please visit

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