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ProSounds, a technological leader in hearing protection and enhancement, is pleased to announce their innovative new X-Pro Series ear plugs, an innovation in hearing protection. The comfortable ear plug sits securely in your ear. Its revolutionary design will allow natural sound to pass through – even while the plug is totally in your ear – when the valve is open. But when the valve is closed, the plugs will provide 12- 30 dB NRR of hearing protection, depending on the specific tip you use. The X-Pro offers the only Push to Hear feature in any hearing protection device. It offers the most comfortable fit and several tips to choose from, for the best comfort and protection.

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“The X-Pro is a game changer for the hearing protection industry”, says Weston Harris, President & Innovator of ProSounds. “The unique and revolutionary features of the X-Pro allow you to wear hearing protection continuously, but maintain normal hearing when necessary.”

The ProSounds X-Pro Series is now available as a part of a Kickstarter campaign as of July 8, 2015.

About Us

ProSounds is the parent company of the internationally recognized SportEAR product brand, the leading hearing enhancement and protection product line for the sporting goods market. ProSounds is proud to introduce its entire professional grade hearing protection and enhancement line in August 2015. ProSounds will continue to deliver the most innovative products for hearing enhancement, hearing protection, audio and communication. ProSounds is an AXIL performance company, which has evolved from a family oriented business with over 57 years of experience in creating the best solutions to help people improve, protect & enjoy their hearing. On a daily basis, our highly-skilled engineering, technical and sales associates demonstrate their vision for product excellence, superior service, unconditional integrity and customer value.

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