(Photo by ABC13)

An armed store store clerk in southwest Houston turned the tables on a trio of armed robbers Monday night, shooting and killing two.

Surveillance footage shows four men driving into the parking lot of a Super-K convenience store off Beechnut Street, ABC13 reports. Three men can be seen exiting the vehicle. Their faces hidden, the suspects then storm the establishment and proceed to pistol-whip one of the clerks who didn’t comply with their demands for money.

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Fortunately, the owner’s brother — who happened to be returning from a dinner break at the other end of the store — witnessed the incident and opened fire, shooting two of the armed robbers.

All four of the suspects immediately fled the scene. As ABC13 notes, the two injured men were dropped off outside a nearby apartment complex and eventually transported to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital to be treated. is reporting that both men died at the hospital.

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According to, Dien Tu, the man who pulled the trigger, was “wearing” his gun because the store had already been robbed just ten nights before.

“Everyone has guns in the store. It’s so dangerous this kind of job,” Super-K store owner Alden Tu told ABC13.

The other two suspects in this case are still at large, confirmed.

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