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(Photo by TALON Grips, Inc.)

The following is a press release from TALON Grips

TALON Grips, Inc. is excited to announce the redesign of its Springfield Armory XD grips. All XD platforms are included in the redesign including the Subcompact, Compact, and Full Size models.

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The new TALON Grips XD grips will provide increase coverage on the handle, encompassing the entirety of the frame from the magazine well to the top of the thumb rest. The advances in laser cutting technology allow TALON Grips to produce more complex and intricate grip designs, making TALON Grips the most innovative and functional grips on the market. The additional coverage increases the purchase between the user and the firearm while maintaining the aesthetics of Springfield’s signature XD Frame. There are also cutouts for the XD logo for visual aesthetics as well as ease of installation.

“Some of the first grips we made were for the XDs due to demand from law enforcement professionals and the overall popularity of Springfield firearms. Those grips have always performed well, but with the advancements in laser cutting technology we are able to provide greater coverage of the polymer handle yielding a better interface between the firearm and the operator,” said Michael Morris, lead designer and president of TALON Grips.

TALON Grips were created by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and retention in order to enhance the shooting experience. The patented TALON Grips designs provide maximum coverage with minimal bulk. The increased interface between the user and the platform improves weapon retention, encourages quicker target acquisition, more accurate follow up shots with better recoil mitigation.

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Founded in 2009 and located in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are available in rubber and granulate textures for over 180 firearms at select retailers or direct at http://www.talongrips.com.

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