Let’s say you’re engaging a target from a distance of roughly 20 to 30 yards, and your long gun either malfunctions or runs dry. What do you do? If your solution is to immediately transition to your handgun, Matt Jacques — the founder of Virginia-based training company Victory First — has you covered, as that’s exactly what he teaches you how to do in the video below. In this clip, Jacques runs through tips and techniques for transitioning that will save your life in the heat of the moment.

About Matt Jacques

Matt is a retired Police Officer and a Marine Corps veteran. Matt spent most of his military enlistment within HMX-1, The Presidential Helicopter Squadron. He served within the Military Police MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and continued in Law Enforcement after his enlistment ended. Matt served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and filled several billets. During his tenure, he served in different assignments as a Basic Academy Recruit Instructor, Field Training Officer, Detective within the Special Problems Unit as an undercover Detective as well as a founding Special Deputy of the U. S. Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington D.C. U S Marshal’s Office. (source: Panteao Productions)

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