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A Texas homeowner was forced to defend himself against a violent, mentally ill intruder who broke into his home on Monday morning.

KRIS-TV reports that the suspect, later identified as Robert Smith, “charged” into the home located on Denver Street in Corpus Christi and accused the 55-year-old homeowner of assaulting a woman and holding her captive inside the house.

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Police said Smith — who allegedly has a history of mental health issues — held the homeowner by the throat while he searched the residence for the missing woman.

Fortunately, the homeowner managed to grab a handgun, which he used to force Smith out of the home. Undeterred, Smith continued his aggressive behavior and attempted to choke the homeowner again.

At that point, the homeowner fired two rounds into the air in a bid to scare Smith off for good.

Smith tried forcing his way into the home yet again, and the homeowner opened fire on him, shooting him in the leg.

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According to KRIS-TV, Smith was arrested for burglary with intent to commit aggravated assault. He was treated at an area hospital for his gunshot wound.

Police said they do not expect the homeowner to be charged in the shooting.

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