Picture this scenario: A husband and wife are enjoying a rare night out away from the kids. They’ve eaten at the finest restaurant in town and have just taken in a movie at the local theater. It’s a warm autumn evening, so the couple decides to go for a pleasant stroll around the town square. They discuss the film they just watched, work commitments, errands to run later that week, and whatever else is happening in their lives. Eventually, they decide to head home for the night.

As they begin the journey back to their car, the husband hears somebody walking up behind them. He turns around and is suddenly face-to-face with a masked man holding a gun who growls for the couple to surrender their belongings. What this man doesn’t know is that the husband is carrying a concealed handgun. As the wife starts to give the man her purse, the husband quickly draws his gun and warns the suspect not to come any closer. Panicked, the suspect raises his gun at the couple and is seconds from squeezing the trigger when the husband opens fire, killing the man.

This is just one fabricated scenario. There are many others which are all too real. Scroll through the gallery above to learn about ten real-life cases where a concealed carry handgun saved the day.


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