John Moses Browning is associated with many of the most successful firearms in history. The Model 1911 pistol, the M2 machine gun, the Winchester 1894 rifle and the Browning Automatic Rifle were just a few of the many guns designed by him.

Part of his firearms development necessarily involved cartridge development as well. Without Browning, we would not have cartridges like the .380 ACP or the .45 ACP.

The .32 ACP is one of Browning’s cartridge designs, and it is one that helped launch his efforts in handgun design. Also known as the 7.65mm Browning, the cartridge was largely relegated to pocket-pistol status for many in the United States. However, the .32 ACP was used extensively by law enforcement and military services in Europe.

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With more than 100 years of history behind it, there are some very interesting pistols that have been chambered in .32 ACP. Some have made the big screen while others have shaped the course of human events. Currently, there are a number of pocket pistols in Browning’s caliber that may still be called into service, while others are classics that are gone but not forgotten.

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