It’s a day like any other. After completing your morning routine at home, you hop into your vehicle to start the drive to work. You’re halfway there when that dreaded traffic light you’re always trying to beat turns red. It’s a beautiful, calm morning, and, as you wait for the light to turn green, your mind begins to drift to everything you have on your plate at work that day. Suddenly, you notice movement out of your peripheral vision. You look to your left and see the barrel of a gun staring back at you. Before you can process what’s happening, a man in a mask angrily demands that you get out of the car. You’ve just entered a nightmare scenario for any driver: a carjacking.

There’s a few ways to avoid becoming the victim of a carjacking, including practicing situational awareness, keeping your doors locked and windows rolled up, avoiding isolated or unfamiliar surroundings, and parking in well-lit areas. As the saying goes, however, a gun is the great equalizer. Ripped straight from the headlines, here are five recent cases where an attempted carjacking was stopped by a legally armed citizen.


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