Kimber Micro Heinie Sights

Heinie Specialty Products is now offering sights for Kimber’s new Micro .380 ACP pistols. The rear sight features the proven Heinie Ledge design, which allows the pistol to be cycled with one hand in emergencies by hooking the rear sight on objects such as clothing, a holster, a belt or a wall. The front and rear sights each contain a Heinie Straight Eight tritium vial for use in low light. The vertical two-dot alignment is faster and less confusing than a three-dot alignment. With this setup there’s no need to line up and space three horizontal dots. If you can see both Straight Eight dots with one right above the other, you’re on target! (; 217-228-9500)

SportEAR Custom Edge

SportEAR’s Custom Edge line of in-ear and behind-ear devices allow shooters to enhance speech and desirable sounds while simultaneously suppressing the damaging effects of muzzle blast and other loud noises. SportEAR’s AutoBlocker Digital Compression easily handles rapid shots, ensuring full protection regardless of your sport. The new Lynx digital circuitry also eliminates distracting background noise and eliminates the annoying “whistle” common in electronic hearing protection. SportEAR is the only hearing protection line to provide 360-degree hearing performance through its entire product line. (; 877-557-4238)

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Bullseye BLAST

Use your own gun at home to practice shooting drills with the Pistolero laser shooting system. The Pistolero fits in the muzzle of your gun (all calibers) and shoots a red laser beam when you press the gun’s trigger. The Bullseye Blast, a new product from Robert Louis Company is a laser-activated target that responds to hits from the Pistolero laser. It replicates a falling plate target and, when hit, emits the sound of a bullet hitting a steel plate while turning 90 degrees to expose a second target. (; 800-979-9156)

SecureIt Guard 6 Conversion Kit

Get your gun safe organized! The Guard 6 gun safe conversion kit from SecureIt Tactical allows gun owners to quickly and easily upgrade their existing gun safe to accommodate six modern sporting or tactical long guns. The unit’s grids are modular by design to connect both horizontally and vertically to support saddles and storage accessories. An interlocking base unit supports the buttstock of any two modern sporting rifles, including TAVORs and pistol-type firearms, within a tiered channel.

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Steel Will Mini Druid

The Mini Druids are not just proportionately smaller versions of the company’s full-sized Druid models. The Mini Druid models are compact, lightweight knives that are ideal for intricate and delicate tasks that require a small and maneuverable blade. These models are best suited for hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts with medium-sized hands. The blades of these new models are much thinner (0.14 inches) in comparison with the full-sized models. In fact, all of the dimensions of each blade (length, profile and grinds) were revised to ensure maximum performance. (; 877-969-0909)

Thompson Targets B27STOP

The B27STOP fuses immobilization zone mapping with the widely recognized B27 target style, producing the perfect target for concealed-carry training. The assailant’s key immobilization zones are superimposed against the skeletal structure for effective comprehension in extreme response and immobilization training. The detailed scoring zone meets tactical training specifications, and each immobilization zone is mapped out with measurements and specialized teaching to improve understanding of shot placement and its effect. (; 330-699-8000)

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