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(Photo by ABC15)

A routine shopping trip at a Home Depot in Phoenix turned dangerous when a man confronted a thief attempting to steal his car in the parking lot.

Antonio Silvas told ABC15 he only went into the Home Depot located near 73rd Avenue and McDowell for a few minutes. By the time he came out, he noticed the suspect, later identified as Jose Reyes, inside his truck.

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“Originally, in my mind, I thought I had the wrong vehicle. There is no way this could be happening,” said Silvas.

Silvas confronted Reyes, who tried to stab him multiple times with the same screwdriver he used to dismantle the vehicle’s ignition. Obviously, Reyes was not afraid of escalating the situation.

“You don’t know what he’s done in the past. If he is willing to take it this far, then what’s to say he isn’t going to take it to another level,” said Silvas.

Fortunately, Silvas keeps a gun for protection inside his truck. Luckily for him, Reyes didn’t see it, and he was able to grab it and fire off a round into the air.

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As ABC15 reports, the shot caused Reyes to flee the scene, but police quickly caught up with him down the street.

Investigators said Silvas will not face charges for firing the gun, as he was defending himself.

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