The following is a press release from Corbon Ammunition

Corbon Ammunition is now using a NEW advanced nickel coating on select calibers of their handgun ammunition cases. “For over 33 years in the ammo industry, I could not find a coating to meet our stringent quality control. I refused to compromise our products by inferior nickel plating that often chipped, cracked and peeled away causing more issues than not. Finally, there is a product worthy of bearing Corbon’s seal of approval” said Corbon CEO Peter Pi, Sr.

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Ducta-Bright 7a coating is advanced nickel coating engineered specifically for critical ammunition components. Advantages of Ducta-Bright 7a coating on brass casings is marked improvements in feeding in all actions, enhanced corrosion resistance during extended storage or field exposure, improved visibility for low-light chamber checks, improved cosmetics and ease of clean up during reloading. It also prevents tarnishing in leather belt pouches and holsters. Now, Corbon Ammunition will look like the day it was purchased and outperform uncoated brass.

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To learn more about Corbon’s advanced nickel coated brass with Ducta-Bright 7a Nickel, log on to or call 605-347-4544.

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