The successor to Walther’s original PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense) pistol, the PPQ M2 has a lot to offer handgun enthusiasts. While retaining the quality and features the PPQ offered, the PPQ M2 incorporates some design changes that make it even more shooter friendly.

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The 9mm PPQ M2 is positively gentle on your hands, whether you’re a burly shooter tipping the scales well north of 200 pounds or a diminutive woman with smaller hands. Extended firing sessions are easy to take. Recoil isn’t a problem, as the gun quickly returns to firing position.

The gun feels great in hand and points naturally on target. It is also extremely reliable. The first time I fired it, the PPQ M2 chewed through 250 rounds of mixed ammunition without a single hiccup. That’s exceptional performance from a gun fired straight out of the box with no break-in period.

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The Walther PPQ M2 is manufactured in Germany to tight tolerances. The extensive user’s manual covers everything in detail about virtually anything you need to know about the gun’s operation. While my test PPQ M2 came with the standard 4-inch barrel, a 5-inch-barreled version is available. A .40 S&W version of the 9mm variant I tested is also available.

While I quit counting after those initial 250 rounds I put through the gun, the Walther PPQ M2 continued to function flawlessly. Reliability is a prerequisite for a combat handgun, and the PPQ M2 delivers! MSRP is $670. For more information, visit or call 479-242-8500.

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And before you go, how about a training version?

An inexpensive companion gun closely resembling the PPQ M2 is the C02-powered Walther PPQ air pistol manufactured by Umarex USA. While this gun is made of molded polymer (the interior mechanism is metal), at 21.6 ounces it has nearly the heft of the 24-ounce PPQ M2 that fires 9mm ammunition. During testing, accuracy was good with .177 pellets, delivering 1.5-inch groups at 10 yards. MSRP is $81. For more information, visit

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