The following is a press release from Heizer Defense

Heizer Defense is pleased to announce that it is shipping the new PAK1 “Pocket AK Pistol” in 7.62×39. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family. The PAK1 “Pocket AK Pistols” come standard with Heizer Defense’s patented “Progressive” Porting.

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This porting naturally reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil; however, with the “progressive” porting, there is very little loss of velocity. This porting will also be offered on the PAR1 “Pocket AR Pistol” and accessory barrels. Consumers can purchase any Heizer Defense Pistol and now have 2 additional calibers; as well as ported or non-ported barrels to choose from, with even more calibers coming soon.

Heizer Defense Pocket Pistols are proudly distributed by its partners AcuSport, AmChar Wholesale, Bangers, Big Rock Sports, Bill Hick’s, Sports South, Hicks Inc., Williams Shooting Supply and Zanders Sporting Goods.

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Heizer Defense is a state-of-the-art, high technology Firearm Company based in Pevely, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Heizer Defense is an affiliated company of Heizer Aerospace. Founded in 1962, it manufactures fracture critical components for aerospace companies, NASA and the military. Heizer Defense Engineers apply the same military technology to create high quality firearms. For additional information, visit

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